How to Make the Best Wedding Photographs

People call a contemporary wedding photographer in London because they want professionalism and knowledge from the person wielding the photo camera. Everyone can use a camera and make a photo, but only the best professional photographer in London will know how to catch those exact perfect moments that will make beautiful memories for the couple and their families.

london-wedding-photographer091While some people still considered that it is easy to take a camera and make a picture, some other people have understood the importance of a professional when they are talking about a special even photographer.

Here are some wedding photos tips that can help even the most inexperienced photographer make the best memories ever.

The List

Once you were contracted to shoot a wedding, ask the couple what exactly they expect from you. They surely have something in mind when it’s about ringsthe photos of their best day ever, so ask them to speak freely. They might have some preferences when it comes to different set-ups, or different poses. It’s important to know them before and make a list with what they want. Once the wedding begins and you take the photos that they want, make sure you check them from the list. It’s easy and efficient and it will save you a lot of trouble later.

The Family Coordinator

Every wedding planner will be asked to make photos with the whole family – this means that you will have to get together the family of the bride and the family of the groom. Before the wedding starts, make sure to ask your couple to nominate a person who will be the ‘director of he shoot’. That part of the day when they have to take the family group photo can be quite overwhelming, for both you and they, and they will need a good coordination to make great photos.

The Location

If you are a beginner, but even if you are a professional, it’s better to see the DSC_6734location before the actual shooting takes place. It may be the church or another place where the ceremony will be, the location for the party or other places that the couple prefers for shooing (a park, a bridge, a beach, etc). This will give you a good advantage when the shooting takes place, as you will know beforehand how to handle the light or what angle is better. If possible, visit the locations with the couple – you’ll be able to make a few photos for testing.


It’s great that the event doesn’t catch you unprepared. Different things can happen so you always need a backup plan in case things go wrong – like a bad weather. Make sure you have the batteries full and also another set in case you need to change them. The memory card of the camera should be empty and you should also think about different routes and the necessary London_Eye_Wedding_Photographers_imagetime you need to get from one place to another. You should have the itinerary for the day, so you know what the order of the events is.


When you have the first meeting with possible clients, show them your portfolio. This will allow them to see how you work and what the photos look like. They might want something different, so an open discussion is best. This way you will both know what to expect from one another – they might want the photos printed, or they might want the photos on a CD. They might want some parts of the event to be recorder or the complete even. Make sure you have everything noted down in the contract that you sign with them, along with the price.

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